Professional and Community Service

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Director of Center of Indigenous Community Engagement, Northeastern State University (2017-present)

American Indian Heritage Committee, Northeastern State University (2017-present)

Faculty Council Delegate, College of Liberal Arts, Northeastern State University (2017-2019)

Southwest Oral History Association 2018 Program Committee (2017-2018)

Western History Association Conference Committee Co-Chair (present-2018)

Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association Conference Program Committee (2016-2017)

Arizona State Delegate and Scholarship Committee, Southwest Oral History Association (2016-2017)

Mormon History Association Board, Membership Chair (2016-present)

Mormon History Association Conference Program Committee (2016-2017)

Native Americans at Dartmouth (2015-2016)

Learning Community for Future Faculty, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (2015-2016)

Western History Association, Graduate Student Caucus Executive Council, Chair and Liaison (2015-2016), Elected Member (2015)

Graduate Women’s Association, Arizona State University, Member (2014-2016)

Graduate and Professional Student Association, Arizona State University, Grant Review and Awards  Review Committee (2014-2016)

Centennial Professor Award Committee, The Associated Students of Arizona State University Council, Reviewer (2015)

Arizona Museum of Natural History, Mesa Grande Cultural Park, Education Volunteer (2014-2015)

Diné Urban Voices, Phoenix Indian Center, Member (2013-2015)

American Indian Graduate Student Association, Arizona State University-Tempe, elected Secretary (2013-2014), elected Graduate Student Representative (2014-2015)

Blogger, Juvenile Instructor (2013-2015)

History Graduate Student Association, Arizona State University, Secretary (2013-2014)

Graduate Student Mentor, Shades Multicultural Mentoring Program, Arizona State University (2013-2016)

History Graduate Student Council, Arizona State University-Tempe (2012-2013)

Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship, Utah Valley University (Spring 2012)

Service-Learning Faculty Learning Circle, Utah Valley University (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

Teaching Academy, Learner-centered Teaching & Engaged Learning, Utah Valley University (Fall 2011-Spring 2012)

Participant with Student Consultants on Teaching (SCOTs), Utah Valley University (Fall 2011- Spring 2012)

Diversity Committee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, History Department (Fall 2010-Spring 2011)

Wunk Sheek member, Native American student organization, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Fall 2008-Spring 2011)

WIGWAM member, Native American graduate student organization, University of Wisconsin- Madison (Fall 2008-Spring 2011)

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