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November 2, 2018, Session on “Remembering and Memorializing American Indian Education,” The History of Education Society annual meeting, Hotel Albuquerque, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

October 27, 2018, Session on “Understanding Intergenerational Trauma for Indigenous Communities,” 21st Diné Studies Conference theme of “150 Years Later: Acting and Advocating to Empower Our Own Researchers and Healers and Visionaries and Thinkers and Planners and Leaders and Scientists and… Neeznádiin dóo’ąą ashdladiin nááhaigo: Nihidine’é nida’ałkaahígíí, nahałáhí, dahaniihii dóó nitsékeesii dóó naha’áii dóó éé’deitįįhii,  doozhóódgóó ba’ahódlí dóó ílį́įgo hiilna’,” Diné College, Tsaile, Arizona.

October 19, 2018, Session on “Indigenizing Cityscapes since the Twentieth Century,” Conference theme of “Re-imagining Race and Ethnicity in the West,” Western History Association annual meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

October 2, 2018, Session on “Contemporary Topics and Methods of American Indian Boarding School Studies,” The Spirit Survives: A National Movement toward Healing, NABS National Conference, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

September 28, 2018, Intertribal Discussion about Belonging and Identity, University of Texas, Arlington with Native American Student Association.

June 14, 2018, “Returning Home: Intermountain Indian School Stories,” Inaugural BYU Indigenous Studies Learning Group public talk, Provo, Utah. Watch the video recording of the talk on the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies facebook page (click on link).

June 7-10, 2018, “Homelands and Bordered Lands,” Mormon History Association annual meeting, Boise, Idaho.


MHA 2018 with King, Kaleb Miner, Lisa Barnett, Charlotte Terry, and Dwain Coleman

King helped to organize the following accepted MHA 2018 panels:

  • Roundtable: “Indigenous/Scholars of Color Speak to the History of the ‘Other’ in Mormon Studies”
  • “Before and After the Official Declaration 2”
  • “Currents in Indigenous Mormonism: Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going?”
  • “Beyond a Single Mormon Story: Histories of Culture and Race in International Mormonisms”
  • “Entangled Histories of Mormons and Native Americans from the Nineteenth Century to Early Twentieth Century”

Boarding School Generations Flyer

June 6, 2018, “Let’s Talk Research: Boarding School Generations,” Department of Diné Education, Window Rock, Arizona.

May 19, 2018, American Indian Achievement Celebration, Grand Prairie Independent School District, Texas.

Thursday, May 17, 2018, “Native Women Indigenizing Dallas Since the Late Twentieth Century,” Native American and Indigenous Studies Association annual meeting, Los Angeles.

April 27-29, 2018, “Elevating Voices: Oral Histories of Resilience and Unity,” Southwest Oral History Association annual meeting, Fullerton, California.

King served as SOHA 2018 conference program committee co-chair and helped to organize the following sessions:

  • Plenary Session: “Developing Indigenous Community and Home-Based Oral Histories”
  • Panel: “Un-Erasing Voices of Ethnic Communities in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands”

April 16-21, 2018, “Walking With Our Ancestors: Preserving Culture and Honoring Tradition,” 46th Annual Symposium on the American Indian, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

King participated in the following sessions that she organized for the symposium:

  • “Horse and Buffalo People in Native America”
  • “Mapping Histories of Indian Education”

More Than A Word Showing and Forum

HawkTalks - Farina

View the recording of this HawkTalk (April 2018) by clicking this link: Student Stories of Intermountain Indian School.

Mapping Tahlequah History Class Symposium

Top of Mind with Julie Rose, April 13, 2018:

Native American Perspectives on Land

Guests: Farina King, PhD, Assistant Professor of History, Northeastern State University; Nizhone Meza, JD, Attorney; Tommy Rock, PhD, Environmental Scientist and Founder of Rock Environmental Consulting; Aldean Ketchum, Musician, Flute Builder

Mother Earth’s sacred nature is a common thread through the spiritual beliefs of Native American tribes across the country. We saw reverence for the land unite diverse indigenous communities at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and in the effort to preserve Bears Ears in Utah. We explore what it is that so deeply binds America’s original inhabitants to the land.

Bears Ears Slide

“Indigenous Oral Histories in Dallas Inspired by #NoDAPL and Water Is Life Coalition Building,” January 4, 2018, American Historical Association, Washington, D.C.

“Connecting the Generations: Indigenous Women Standing for their People and Communities,” November 3, 2017, Western History Association Conference, San Diego.

King helped to organize a panel, “Navajo Voices on Bears Ears,” at the University of Utah on October 11, 2017, which the American West Center, Stegner Center, Marriott Library, and College of Humanities and the Utah State Historical Society co-sponsored. Please watch and share the “Navajo Voices on Bears Ears” panel recording (click on the highlighted link to the YouTube channel of the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law).

“Being Native in the 1960s and 1970s: Oral Histories of Native American Lived Experiences and Activism” (panel co-organizer), October 6, 2017, Oral History Association, Minneapolis.

“Intersectionality in Miss Indian Pageants” (invited speaker), October 2, 2017, Women and Gender Studies, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

“Why the Indian Mascot Issue Matters” (panel organizer), September 26, 2017, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Read about the panel by clicking on this link to the Mvskoke Media article: “Forum held on controversial subject.”

View the video recording of the panel from September 26, 2017:

Roundtable (organizer), “Learning and Teaching Women’s Historical Experiences at Northeastern State University,” September 28, 2017, International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Roundtable (invited panelist), “Water is Life,” September 1, 2017, Tribal Film Festival, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

View a clip of King speaking on the panel of September 1, 2017 through the Tribal Film Festival Facebook Page.

King was a part of the program committee for the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association 2017 Conference in Northridge, California. She organized and facilitated several sessions such as the following panel:

“Natives and Institutions: Gender and Navigating Wardship,” August 4, 2017, Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association Annual Meeting, California State University, Northridge.

King served on the program committee for the Mormon History Association Conference, “Crossing and Dwelling in Mormon History,” June 1-4, 2017, St. Charles, Missouri.

She organized and participated in the following panels of MHA 2017:

  • “The Memorialization of the Circleville Massacre”
  • “Indian Student Placement Program Experiences”

King served on the program committee for the Southwest Oral History Association Conference (SOHA), “Looking Forward: Bridging Past, Present, and Future through Oral History,” April 27-29, 2017, Tempe, Arizona.

She organized and participated in the following panels of SOHA 2017:

  • “Teaching and Service-Learning with Native American Boarding School Oral Histories”
  • “Intergenerational Oral Histories of Intermountain Boarding School” (Roundtable)
  • King also helped to organize the following Navajo film showing at the Labriola Center (and the plenary session with filmmakers Angelo Baca and Teresa Montoya at the Southwest Oral History Association 2017 conference):

Dine Film Showing Rev.

Roundtable: “State of the Department of Cherokee and Indigenous Studies,” 45th Annual Symposium on the American Indian, “Indian Givers: Indigenous Inspirations,” Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, April 2017.

“The Mountains Beyond the School Walls,” Clements Center Monthly Talks, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, March 2017.

Roundtable: “Everyday Acts of Resurgence.” American Indian Studies Association Conference, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, February 2017 (roundtable organizer).

Forum: “Indigenous Knowledge Matters.” Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, November 2016 (invited panelist).

“Water River Life Giver: Engaging Navajos and Diverse Communities in Addressing Clean Water Issues.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 2016.

Roundtable: “Disruptive education: unveiling and dismantling the doctrine of settler colonialism through curriculum.” National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, Montréal, Canada, November 2016.

Lightning Round: “Histories of Indigenous Education.” Western History Association Annual Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota, October 2016 (panel organizer).

Roundtable: “Decolonization, Research, & Community,” in the “Native American and Indigenous Studies, Colonialism, and the University” Fall Workshop, Consortium for Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora, Tufts University, October 2016 (invited speaker).

Roundtable: “Native American Oral History Close to Home.” Oral History Association Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California, October 2016 (chair and roundtable organizer).

“Intergenerational Ties,” in “Curiosities of New Mexico at Bachechi Open Space.” New Mexico State Archives, Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 2016 (invited speaker).

“Gender Roles in History,” in  The Inaugural Gender and Sexuality Conference, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma, September 2016 (session chair and presenter).

“Author Meets Critics: A Panel Discussion of Hokulani Aikau’s A Chosen People, A Promised Land: Mormonism and Race in Hawai’i (University of Minnesota Press, 2012).” Mormon History Association, Snowbird, Utah. June 2016.

Roundtable: “Indigenous Survival in Education.” Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, Hawai’i. May 2016 (roundtable organizer).

Farina King organized a symposium at Dartmouth College on April 29, 2016 titled, “Water River Life Giver,” featuring Navajo perspectives of the Gold King Mine Waste Water Spill and clean water issues. Visit the Water River Life Giver website to learn more about that event, and see how the conversations and efforts continue to bring awareness of Indigenous water issues by exploring the website blog. Some of Dr. King’s students at Northeastern State University wrote short pieces for the blog about different histories of Indigenous water issues.


“Náhookǫs (North): Monument Valley Diné Student and Community Struggles with Busing and Distant Education in the Self-Determination Era.” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island. April 2016.

“A Code Talker’s Wife.” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia. January 2016 (panel organizer).


Zonnie Gorman, Farina King, and Steve Huffman at AHA 2016

“The Trauma and Mixed Emotions in the Telling: Diné Boarding School Oral Histories.” American Society for Ethnohistory Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada. November 2015.

Roundtable: “Teaching and Connecting through Native American Oral History.” Oral History Association Conference, Tampa, Florida. October 2015 (roundtable organizer).

“Oral History and Understanding Native American Experiences” in “Paths to Understanding the Native American Experience in the West.” Summer Regional Workshop, Organization of American Historians, Glendale, California. July 2015.

“Náhookǫs (North): Tribal Sovereignty and Self-determination for Diné Students.” Navajo Studies Conference, Flagstaff, Arizona. May 2015.

“Miss Indian BYU and Mormon Native American Youth during the Civil Rights Era.” Western Association of Women Historians, Sacramento, California. May 2015 (panel organizer).

Roundtable: “American Indian Community Oral History Projects.” Southwest Oral History Association, Del Mar, California. March 2015 (roundtable organizer).

E’e’aah (West): Intensification of Navajo Schooling Experiences and Distant Education after World War II.” American Indian Studies Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico. February 2015.

Ha’a’aah (The East): The Beginnings of Diné Learning and Knowledge.” Southwest Oral History Association Conference, Tempe, Arizona. April 2014 (panel organizer).

“Contestations over the Crown: Miss Indian BYU and Indian Identity.” Native American Indigenous Studies Association Conference, Saskatoon, Canada. June 2013 (panel organizer).

Aloha in Dinétah: Hawaiian Missionaries among the Navajo in the Twentieth Century.” Mormon History Association Conference, Layton, Utah. June 2013.

Tsodizin dóó sin dóó Gáamalii: Navajo Spirituality and the LDS Experience on the Navajo Reservation, 1960-1985.” Western History Association Conference, Denver, Colorado. October 2012 (panel organizer).

“Mormon Navajos at the Intermountain Indian Boarding School, 1949-1984.” Mormon History Association Conference, Calgary, Canada. June 2012.

Gáamalii dóó Tségháhoodzání: LDS Experience in the Heart of the Navajo Reservation.” Arizona Centennial Conference, Phoenix, Arizona. April 2012.

“Miss Indian BYU: American Indian Experiences at Brigham Young University.” Mormon History Association Conference, St. George, Utah. May 2011.

“Lessons about Home: Boarding School Days on the Navajo Reservation, 1938-1939.” Native American and Indigenous Studies Conference. Sacramento, California, May 2011.

“Ties to Home? Distant Education among Dahomeyans.” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan. November 2009.

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