PhD, U.S. History, Arizona State University, Tempe, May 2016

Dissertation: “The Earth Memory Compass: Diné Educational Experiences in the Twentieth Century”


Donald Fixico, K. Tsianina Lomawaima, Farina King, Katherine Osburn, Laura Tohe, & Peter Iverson after King’s Dissertation Defense 2016


M.A., African History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 2010

Thesis: “Ties to Home? Distant Schooling Experiences of Dahomeyan Youth, 1932-1952”

Committee: Florence Bernault (advisor), James Sweet, Neil Kodesh

B.A., History and French Studies, Brigham Young University, Provo, August 2008, Honors and magna cum laude

Honors Thesis: “Les Métisses on Two Sides of the Atlantic: The Role of Indigenous Women as Bridges for French Traders in Senegambia and the Great Lakes Region of North America”

Committee: Chantal P. Thompson (advisor), Brett Rushforth

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